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Scout leadership roles are held for 6 months. The current time period for troop leadership and patrol leaders ends on August 15th, 2019.

Troop Leadership
Senior Patrol Leader Senior Patrol Leader TJ D.
  Assistant Senior Patrol Leader Dean C.
 Assistant Senior Patrol Leader Ian M.
   Assistant Senior Patrol Leader Charlie F.
  Junior Assistant Scoutmaster Open
  Order of the Arrow Rep Open
 Instructor – First Aid Open
   Instructor – Orienteering Open
Bugler Open
Chaplain Aide Cooper G.
Den Chief Open
Troop Guide Tanner M.
Troop Historian Ryan C.
Troop Librarian Wyatt Foster.
Troop Quartermaster Hunter G.
Troop Scribe Will B.
Troop Webmaster Ian M.










Instructor Conservation






Patrol Leaders
No Name Eoin S.
Scorpions Teagan R.
Flaming Arrows Grant B.
Blue Lightening Carder N.
Da’ Bomb TBD


New Scout Patrol



Kaeden G.

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