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As you will see in the below listings, there are many responsibilities for the Troop to function successfully.  We expect each family to assist the Troop in some way.  Please do not wait for us to call you.  Done well, a Scout program has life-long benefits to a Scout and his family.  It is our intent to provide that quality experience.  It takes much planning, communication, and time commitment for this to happen.  If we work together, the load will be a joy and not a burden. Please reference the form at the bottom of this page for a list of those choices.  See the attached file for adult leadership position descriptions.


Chairman Mrs. Bazinet
Secretary Open
Treasurer Mrs. Ullrich
Membership Coordinator Mrs. Gates
Adult Training Coordinator Mr. Farr
Website Administrator Mrs. Farr
Outdoor Program Coordinator Mr. Dubler
Roundtable Rep Mr. Ullrich
Quartermaster Mr. Layne
Medical Forms Coordinator Mr. McCoy
Chaplain Mr. Falvey
Advancements Mrs. Mooney


Scoutmaster Mr. Gates
ASM (New Scouts/Parents) Mr. Sunahara
ASM (Outdoor Program) Mr. Dubler
ASM (OA) Mr. Farr
ASM (High Adventure) TBD
ASM (Blue Lightning) Mr. Wright
ASM (DaBomb) Mr. Clifford
ASM (Flaming Arrows and No Name) Mr. Bazinet
ASM (Scorpions) Mr. McKee
ASM (Quartermaster) Mr. Layne
ASM (Shooting Sports) Mr. Payne and Mr. Price
ASM (Merit Badge Coordinator) Mr. West
Board of Review Coordinator Mrs. Oleson
Court of Honor Coordinator Mr. Craig
Court of Honor Refreshments Mrs. McCall


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