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The Board of Review is composed of a minimum of three Adults (or two Adults and one Eagle Scout), who are registered members of the Troop.Eagle Scouts may only sit on Tenderfoot and Second Class boards.Neither Scoutmasters nor Assistant Scoutmasters may serve on Boards of Review. In the Board of Review, the purpose is not to retest a scout, but we want to hone in on the deeper issues of Scouting and character, as well as to help the Scouts to develop and employ effective presentation and communication skills. A Scout only has six Boards of Review in his Scouting career up to Eagle, and we want each one to count – contributing both to his growth and encouragement.The three primary purposes of the Board are:

  1. To make sure the Scout has done what he was supposed to do for the rank
  2. To find out how good an experience the boy is having in his patrol and Troop
  3. To encourage the Scout to progress further.

The kinds of questions here will center more on the Scout Law and Oath, and the way the Scout is applying the principles of Scouting to his life. This is where the Scout’s earlier discussions with his parents about what the Scout Law and Scout Oath mean will be valuable. Again, the Scout should be sure to attend his Board in full Class “A” uniform, cleaned and pressed, including beret and sash, and with his painter (rope), and Boy Scout Handbook, with the Scoutmaster Conference signed off. He will be presented to the Board, at which point he will salute the Board’s Chairman (usually seated in the center), and stand for uniform inspection until he is asked to take a seat. If his uniform is not complete, the Board may be cancelled.He may also be asked to quote the Scout Oath, Law, Slogan, Motto, or Outdoor Code.

When seated, he should be respectful and alert, maintain good posture, not play with his uniform, chew gum, or offer other such distractions. Thoughtful, rather than canned, answers are encouraged. Various members of the Board will take turns asking the Scout questions, and when they are through, the Scout will step into the hall while the Board deliberates. When he is called back into the room, the Scout is informed of the Board’s decision, and if he is awarded the rank, congratulated. If he is not, he will be told the reason why, and where remedial work is needed.

The Scout should not feel intimidated in preparing for a Board; he is not going to face a hostile crowd. The Board wants to see the Scout grow and have a good Scouting experience. He should prepare by having a crisp and complete uniform, and by considering his overall experience in Scouting and how he has been applying the principles of Scouting to his daily life.

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