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Scouts in Troop 794 are encouraged to participate in as many meetings and outings during the year as possible. Participation includes wearing the proper full dress uniform according to the Uniform Guide. The outings provide the opportunity to work on most of the rank advancement requirements and the troop meetings help prepare the Scouts for the outings.


  • Senior Patrol Leader is the Scout leader of the troop and reports to the Scoutmaster.
  • Assistant Senior Patrol Leader manages various patrols or other Scout leader positions and reports to the Senior Patrol Leader.
  • Patrol Leader manages the activities for the patrol and reports to an Assistant Senior Patrol Leader.
  • Assistant Patrol Leader assists and reports to the Patrol Leader.

View the Troop Organization Chart on page 5 of the Troop 794 Operations Guide (see Files | Troop 794 Resources). Also reference the current Scout Troop and Patrol Leadership positions filled under the expanded Participation section.

Adult Leadership Positions include voting members of the Troop Committee and members of Troop Operations. See the current positions filled and their descriptions under the Participation | Adult Leadership section. We also have a Troop 794 liaison (Chartered Organization Representative) with Mission Hills Church.

Adults participating in Troop 794 activities must complete BSA required, position specific training. Every registered adult and troop parents who will participate in activities with Scouts must take Youth Protection Training and be re-certified every two years. Go to MyScouting website to create an account and/or login to take this training.

There are many supplemental training courses that the training coordinator can help troop adults locate and complete including: First Aid, CPR, Hazardous Weather, Safe Swim, which are required to fill out a tour permit.

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