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This is the special advancement ceremony that Scouts look forward to each quarter, and attend with their parents.  While a Scout may have received earlier recognition of rank advancement with a rank patch at a Troop meeting, it is in the Court of Honor that his achievement is highlighted, and he is called up and recognized with his parents.

He will be added to the Scout’s Book of Honor for that rank, and with others earning that rank will  light a candle and place it on the appropriate rung of our Advancement Ladder.  The Scout also receives his rank card and a Mother’s pin to pin on his Mom’s ribbon as part of the ceremony.

Merit badges and Special Awards are distributed as we are reminded of the significance of Scouting.   Refreshments are served following the Closing Prayer and Retrieval of the Colors.  Even if a Scout is not advancing, he should come to every Court of Honor to encourage other Scouts and to be inspired to move forward.  Many important announcements are also shared at Courts of Honor, since that is when most parents are present.  The November Court of Honor is when the next year’s Outdoor Program Calendar is presented with a request for volunteers for Adult in Charge duties for those outings. This is the formal recognition of rank and the only time merit badges are awarded, so be sure you do not miss it!


Eagle Scout Courts of Honor are the highest recognition given to Scouts.  A separate Eagle Court of Honor is held for each Scout who achieves this esteemed level of Scouting.  Scouts are encouraged to attend these special meetings.  Many times families hosting Eagle Courts for their sons send out invitations with RSVPs, so please be courteous in responding in such cases.   Attendance at an Eagle Court of Honor is one of the best ways to understand and appreciate the significance of this rank, and will be a real encouragement for Scouts to “stick with it” until they reach Eagle rank.

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